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Steps by West Covina that should be able to prevent the growth of carpet mold after water damage

Plumbing leaks and flooding can lead to very serious and harmful mold growth that may take place underneath the flooring of your home without you having an idea of exactly what it is that is going on. Any homeowner who has experienced any amount of water regardless of how little it is from either a broken pipe or flooding should be concerned about the growth of mold and how it is going to affect them. This is because it does not really take a lot of water for mold to start growing and causing harm to the people who are living in that area. All mold needs for it to breed is the right amount of moisture and humidity and there you have it.

Those homeowners who may suffer from serious flooding and then the lack of power which may be common during summer and spring, tend to be more susceptible to the growth of mold. This is because the humid, dark and warm environments are usually the best breeding grounds for mildew and mold to thrive in. in many cases, mold and mildew may be there for a very long time but you do not have any idea. This is especially the case when it comes to porous materials like carpet pads, carpet and even from the insulations that are usually on the wall. By hiring West Covina, our team of experts will be able to inspect your entire home so that they can be able to find mold growth that you may not have an idea that it is there. Our mold remediation experts will ensure that by the time they have left your home, that everything in the house is not only going to be mold free, but they are also going to be treated.

Preventing the growth of mold by making sure that water damage has been dried out quickly

As you may already know, how first you react to a water damage event greatly determines how much damage you are going to be faced with in the long run. If you do not call a company like ours to start with the water extraction and drying process, then you may end up having more problems that may be very expensive for you to deal with. Another thing is that the sooner you let our team start on the cleaning process, the sooner it is for you to be able to prevent any mold from growing not only under the carpet but in other areas of your home as well. We also make use of the right tools and equipment like bleaching agents, fans and cleaning agents to ensure that all the mold that was in your home has been removed properly.

Even though many homeowners tend to get rid of mold on their own after they have been faced with a flood, this may not be as effective as it could have been if it was done by West Covina. What many homeowners forget to do is to apply a bit of elbow grease to ensure that the area remains dry. Also, when it comes to getting rid of the mold that is on the carpet, all of it usually gets down to scrubbing whereby those carpets are scrubbed until there is no sign of mold in them.

When one is exposed to mold, this can lead to a number of serious health problems especially for those people who are suffering from respiratory conditions like asthma. The mold may also affect the eyes, the nose, the throat and the lungs. Also, breathing airborne mold may end up triggering other symptoms like asthma, hay fever, and other allergies that one may be suffering from. Other problems that may be related to the growth of mold include:

  • Having itchy eyes
  • Watery eyes
  • Redness of your eyes
  • Coughing
  • Rashes
  • Wheezing

As mentioned earlier, the best way for you to be able to keep mold from spreading out is by acting as fast as you can especially when you know there is water that is present and when there is the risk of water damage occurring.  For you to be able to prevent the growth of mold, it is advisable that you follow the following steps from West Covina.

Water Damage removal beverly hills

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Start by using a dehumidifier so that you can be able to dry out the room

These machines are very effective in this kind of job since they are able to get rid of all the excessive moisture that may be in your home or property. By making use of this machine, the air is not only going to feel cooler but the growth of mildew and mold is going to be limited making the environment mold and mildew free. Any kind of equipment that may be used with the main aim of drying out the ground and the air is definitely going to end up speeding up the time that is going to be needed when it comes for the entire area to dry out. Once you give us a call, our team of experts is going to make use of this machine to ensure that all your coverings and floors are properly dried out.

Water Damage removal beverly hills

Water should be removed as quickly as possible

Water Damage removal beverly hills

When you have been hit by a flood or you’ve had a broken pipe, the first thing that you need to do is to give a company like ours a call so that the water extraction process can be able to begin as soon as possible. The West Covina professional team is going to make use of a dry and wet vacuum so as to be able to get rid of a good amount of water in the shortest time possible. These machines are highly effective when it comes to water extraction jobs. There is other machines and equipment that may be used depending on how severe the water damage is.

Steam cleaning of the flooring and the carpet

Steam cleaning of your carpet and all your flooring areas is very important since it is the most effective way of ensuring that your floors and carpets have been deodorized and sanitized. At West Covina, we know just how important this is which is why we are able to provide our customers with this service.  In the event that your carpet padding was also affected with the water damage, then it is advisable that it also gets replaced as soon as possible. you will find that replacing only your carpet padding is going to be less expensive compared to if you were having your entire home re-carpeted. Even if your carpets may be soaking wet, our team of experts will still be able to clean them up, dry them, deodorize as well as sanitize them.

Water Damage removal beverly hills

Make use of the fans so that you can be able to speed up the entire drying process

As a company that deals with water damage and restoration services, it is definite that we make use of the most high-tech technology and equipment to ensure that your entire house or property has been dried out in the shortest amount of time possible. However, even though fans can also be effective, they tend to take a number of days before they can be able to ensure that the affected area has completely dried up. The good thing about making use of a fan is that it is able to circulate fresh air throughout the room or area.

When you are making use of a fan, the area may feel dry but you still need to let the fan run for at least a day or even for another whole week so that you are sure that the drying process is going to be complete. If you are a homeowner and you do not want to hire a company since the place you want to dry out is not so big, then you can go ahead and hire a drying fan that is of high power from either a tool rental service or from your local improvement store around the area that you are living in.

Make sure that all the baseboards and walls have been properly sanitized

At West Covina, we understand that anything that has been touched by stop water needs to be sanitized. When our team comes to your home, they are going to ensure that all the household surfaces and hard-surfaces are properly cleaned with water and soap. Also, all your baseboards and walls are going to be sanitized with about 1.5 cups of chlorine bleach which is going to be dissolved in one gallon of water. When this is done, our experts are going to be wearing rubber gloves so as to protect themselves. This is why you should not try making this mixture on your own and if you do, make sure that you are able to follow are the safety precautions that should be followed.


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