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The extreme cold climate that is usually common during winter seasons brings about a number of problems to both business and homeowners. The worst case scenario in such an event is when a frozen pipe ends up bursting which means that you will need to seek the services of a water damage and restoration company like Porter Ranch so that the cleanup process can begin. When the cold winter temperatures do not rise above the right temperatures for a number of days or weeks, the pipes that are either frozen or broken may lead to serious water damage that may be as a result of flooding from the broken or frozen pipes.

When frozen or broken pipes burst, water may start to quickly accumulate in your basement which may end up causing a list of other problems that you may have to deal with as soon as possible. The timing and making sure that you are able to respond quickly is very critical especially when it comes to minimizing the depth of the water damage. This is also a way in which you can be able to prevent the growth of hazardous mold. The size of the water damage that you are been faced with really doesn’t matter. All you need to do is to call an expert like Porter Ranch so that our team of certified technicians can be able to help you out with the water damage situation that is stressing you out.

Some of the causes of frozen pipes that lead to serious water damage

A frozen pipe tends to occur when the plumbing system does not have the right amount of heat which is especially common during the winter season. When the plumbing system is exposed to temperatures are below freezing, this results to the freezing of the water that is inside the pipes which eventually turns into ice. This, in turn, makes the pipes to expand to a point that makes them burst or break.

The plumbing system pipes that tend to freeze first are usually the ones that are located near the outside wall of the house or property since they are the ones that are exposed to the below temperatures compared to those pipes that are usually in the middle of the structure of the home or the building.

In many cases, it may not be easy for you to be able to spot a frozen pipe especially if the pipe is in the crawling space that leads to the home or property or if the pipes are located behind the wall. You may realize the water damage after the damage has already taken place and when the growth of mold and mildew has already begun. When there is a water leak that is uncontrolled, the frozen pipe that has broken ends up creating serious flooding. Serious water damage may also extend to the drywall, the carpeting, the furniture and the baseboards. When this happens, this is where Porter Ranch services come in. our highly skilled and trained technicians know exactly how such situations are best handled so as to ensure that the entire situation is kept under control.

Frozen water pipes may also take place when many homeowners are away on a trip. When the furnace breaks down or when the extended power that has been put to supply heat during this cold season fails, then the likelihood of a frozen pipe occurring is increased. The situation is likely to get worse especially if there is no one on the premises.

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Frozen and broken pipe water clean up

When broken or frozen pipes cause water damage as a result of flooding, the Porter Ranch team is going to come to your home with the right kind of equipment so as to bring restoration to your home. We are also going to make use of the latest technologies that are in the market today so that we are able to provide the best quality of service. All the water restoration services that Porter Ranch is able to provide is usually done by our technicians who have IICR certifications. Also, customer service is very important to use which is why we always want to make sure that we are able to provide 100% level of satisfaction. We are also available to our clients on a 24/7 kind of basis so you should be sure that any time you give us a call no matter the time or the day, there is always going to be a technician ready to give you a helping hand.

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Why that broken pipe needs to be found as soon as possible

A broken pipe can end up bringing about very serious water damage effects especially if you have no idea that it has occurred. If you suspect that you have a broken water pipe, the best thing for you to do is to call Porter Ranch services immediately so that we can come and carry out an inspection in your home or property. When we do this, we are going to be able to determine whether or not there is a broken pipe that is hiding somewhere. The repair and fixing are going to start taking place as soon as possible so that the water damage does not end up spreading and bringing about more serious effects.

When a pipe simply starts leaking or when it bursts, this pipe could be located anywhere is the house or property which includes the ceiling, the walls, the basement and the foundation. When a pipe breaks, it is very rare that it is not going to bring about a number of additional problems to the home or property. When a broken pipe takes place in the upstair part of the home may end up damaging the flooring and the drywall in the room that is below as well as the other areas that are close to it. It is important for you to understand that water always ends up finding its own level which is why you should never underestimate the damages that may be brought about by a pipe burst.

As mentioned earlier, when our team at Porter Ranch is able to find the cause of the water damage, the problem can be easily fixed especially if the cause of the water damage is as a result of a plumbing system or an appliance that has failed. When dealing with a broken pipe, the repairing and cleanup process may take time since you need to understand that the entire plumbing system is going to be affected meaning that it also has to be dealt with accordingly. Another cause of water damage may be as a result of a hot water pipe that is behind the walls that have expanded which causes the pipe to leak between its joints. In some cases, the leak may end up disappearing especially when the pipe starts to cool down. This may make it very difficult for you to be able to determine if there is a pipe leak until that time when the entire situation has worsened and serious damages have already taken place.

For our team to be able to perform the restoration and cleanup process in the most effective way, it is important for them to get to know the exact extent of the water damage. This is very important since it is going to let them know which areas to give the utmost importance first as well as which areas are going to have to undergo repairs. Even though most water damage situations are visible, there are those that may be hidden. These hidden areas end up been a good breeding grounds for mildew and mold and the worst part is that these microbial organisms may start to grow in just 24 hours.

For mildew and mold growth to be prevented or for it to be removed, it is important for effective and thorough cleaning and disinfection to be carried out in the areas that have been affected. Also, getting rid of the porous materials that may have found their way into the drywall, carpets and the ceiling tiles is very important in ensuring that the mildew and mold problem has been dealt with effectively.

The most important point here is that you need to hire the services of our company as mentioned earlier so that a thorough inspection can be carried out. This should be done so that a broken pipe can be detected and the problem can be fixed as soon as possible before the water damage gets out of control. At Porter Ranch, we specialize in such types of water restorations services and many others. In case you need our help, all you need to do is to contact us and we will be there in the shortest time possible. It is advisable that you make sure that you do not delay the process in any way.

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