Water Damage Clean up Pomona CA

Natural disasters are unavoidable but also there are some plumbing disasters which can occur in the house causing major water damage to the house. It is imperative that you get a company that is able to give you the services you require whenever there Is water damage regardless of why it occurred. Water damage can be extensive causing the whole house to flood or it can be just due to a small leak.

Our company in Pomona is able to deal with water damage problems of all levels. Whether due to a natural disaster or due to a leak, we have the right services for you. Our Pomona company has the best techniques, methods and equipment to deal with any level of water damage that may occur. We also have the necessary resources to see through any kind of restoration service that we start off in Pomona.

Pomona city is prone to some natural disasters. Earthquakes, strong winds and tornados are some of them. This is simply because of the geographical position of the city. Whenever any of these disasters occur, then there might be need for restoration of your property. We have the required equipment that can easily take care of these disasters.

Our team is composed of professionals that are trained and certified. We ensure that they get training courses every now and then so that they are up to date with the latest techniques and equipment. We are a locally owned and operated company making it easy to relate with the needs of the people of Pomona. For this reason we are also able to respond to emergency calls promptly.

With our company you will never have to worry about the time that the emergency occurs. We are on call any day of the week anytime of the night or day. We are on call also during holidays because we know emergencies can occur at anytime. We therefore have a team of dedicated staff ready to take on any emergency that comes at any time.

Fast services

We pride ourselves in providing prompt services to our clients. Our company has the best response to emergencies which does not only end at arriving on time. We respond quickly to an emergency call, in a matter of minutes we will be there ready to take care of your emergency.

A prompt service is important in ensuring that water damage is minimized. The services required for an hour of water flooded in the house are not the same for those required if the water has been flooded for 24 hours, 48 hours or a week. The longer the water has been in the house the extensive the damage done and therefore the comprehensive and expensive the restoration process will be.

When we arrive we work fast. We have the best equipment which when coupled with our highly trained personnel ensure that within a short while all the water leaves the house. This is important in helping salvage the house and furniture from seeping in more water and taking in more damage. Our services are quick and efficient so when we arrive you know that the situation will only get better from then henceforth and that is a promise we always deliver.

Water damage clean up Pomona

Water Restoration Pomona

Our water restoration services in Pomona are like no other. Some companies lack in capacity to handle major restoration requirements but not us. We offer water restoration services of any level major or minor. We have the best processes and methods in the market. We work carefully taking care of your property and your possessions so that you do not incur major losses.

When we arrive at your door, the first thing we do is inspection of the damage done. We do thorough inspection and tests to determine how far the damage has been done and how far the water has been absorbed in the various parts of the house. After that then we can be able to start the removal process.

We remove the water from the house using special pumps and vacuum units that enable us to remove the water in the shortest time possible. Quick removal prevents mold growth and secondary damage to your property. After water has been removed the next step involves drying the house and dehumidification. In this stage our professionals ensure that they take proper measurements of room temperature and humidity levels to ensure that there is no water and dampness left in the house.

Cleaning and sanitization is what follows the drying stage. The house is cleaned thoroughly using disinfectants and other products that get rid of bacteria, fungi and viruses that could have been carried along by the flooding water. We also clean all the items that can be salvaged to ensure that your house is left hazard free. We use the best techniques and methods in the cleaning and ensure that our products are non toxic.

Final stage in this process is the restoration. We ensure that we do all the required repairs in the house. All those things that could not be repaired should be replaced. We can handle restoration of any magnitude, which includes reconstruction of entire rooms in the house. We have the capacity for all restorations and we do them well using standard materials and ensure we meet the required specifications.

Fire Damage Restoration Pomona

Whenever there is a fire, it is usual to have flooded water in the house that was used to put out the fire. Of prevalence also is a lot of debris, soot, smoke and odor. The fire restoration requires a company that can be able to take care of all these things and ensure that you have your house back In order. With our Pomona Company you are able to get the best fire restoration services, ensuring you proper restoration.

We remove the flooded water in the house and clear all the debris. We ensure that we only get rid of what cannot be restored. After that, then there is cleaning of the house and the furniture to ensure that they are clean and free of soot and smoke. We have the best methods and techniques for removing all the soot from the furniture.

Smoke and odor removal is the other thing we do during the fire damage restoration. During this process all the smoke in the house and the bad odor from the smoke and burnt things are neutralized. We use effective and nontoxic products. We ensure that all the smoke is removed from the house so that there are no toxic gases flowing to your lungs and affecting your health as smoke can be inhaled for long after a fire.

The final step involves the restoration process. This is where we will perform the restoration of all the structures and the parts of the house destroyed by the fire. Our personnel is properly trained and certified as restoration personnel which ensures that you get the services that you deserve. We do a job that is good and admirable workmanship. Besides that our services are guaranteed.

Water damage clean up Pomona
Water damage clean up Pomona

Mold remediation

We offer mold removal and remediation ensuring that you do not breathe toxic irritants produced by the mold. We are capable getting rid of any kind of mold that may have infested your house. We do proper air filtration to remove the contaminants from your house completely. We ensure also that there is no spread of the mold to other parts of the house using our tested methods and equipment.

In mold remediation we also ensure that there will be no recurrence of the same by using products to control the mold. These products that we use are the most effective and are non toxic. The whole process is culminated with the deodorization and sanitizing the house so that you do not have bad odors coming from the mold. We ensure that there is proper testing of your property, so that all the mold that could be there is removed. Our personnel ensures that you get a comprehensive service that will ensure that your house in its entirety is protected from mold infestation and spread. With us you are assured of the best mold remediation and removal in Pomona.


We work with any insurance provider in Pomona ensuring that the claim process is hassle free for you. We save you the time for all the paperwork so that you are able to concentrate on other important things at this time. We also do not demand for any upfront payments if you are covered by insurance.

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Local owned and operated

We are a locally owned and operated company which means that we understand the needs of the people of Pomona city. We are a part of the community and our services speak for us. We are fully registered with the local authorities and have insurance. We are therefore a company that is proud to be part of and serve the people of Pomona.  All our employees are people local to Pomona therefore we understand what people want and have perfected it.


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