Water Damage Clean up Manhattan Beach CA

When one is faced with a broken pipe and then the water damage that it ends up causing, this is close to a nightmare for many homeowners. The worst part is that this kind of water damage tends to happen when you least expect it to. Even when you have a small sink in your home or property supplying you a small amount of water can bring about very serious water damage problems when it breaks. When you are faced with such an unfortunate event, the best thing for you to do is to call Manhattan Beach water damage and Restoration Company so that we can be able to help you out with the water damage problem. If it is a broken pipe, we are first going to start by doing an inspection so that we can be able to figure out exactly where the problem is so that it can be dealt with accordingly.

When you give us a call, we are going to arrive in your home, property or business in the shortest time possible. After this, we are going to make use of some of our Manhattan Beach water damage tips so that we can be able to control the situation.

Before we arrive, if you know where the source of water is coming from then the best thing for you to do would be to stop the entire flow so that water can stop coming into your home. The more water there is, the bigger the water damage and the more you are going to spend on costs especially when you are thinking of replacing all your personal belongings that you may have lost due to the water damage. In case it is a burst pipe but you have no idea which pipe it is, then it is advisable that you turn off the entire water supply, when the Manhattan Beach team arrives, as mentioned earlier, we are going to carry out an inspection which will let us know where it is the water is coming from exactly.

A very important safety precaution that you may need to follow is to make sure that you turn off the electrical power especially to the section or part in your home, business or property the water damage occurs. This is important because as you may already know, water and electricity simply do not mix and if this is not done, you may end up been electrocuted which may end up causing serious injuries.

After ensuring that the source of the water has been stopped, the first thing that our team of experienced technicians is going to do is to assess the entire home so that they can be able to figure out the level of the water damage. If the apparent water damage that your home has faced is limited, there are still a number of things that should be done. If your rugs, carpeting, drywall, tile or the ceiling below have been saturated by water, our team of experts will know how to best handle the situation.  This is because our team understands that we need to be in a damage control mode meaning that everything has to be handled in the fastest way possible.

Also, the reason as to why Manhattan Beach makes sure that everything is done as soon as possible is because the bacteria that usually bring about the mold spores tend to start growing very quickly in this kind of environment. If the water damage is left unattended, then mold can start growing in just a few hours and before you know it, we may also start having to deal with mold removal which may also end up causing you an additional amount of money. Not only is this going to be expensive for you, but you are also going to be putting your family and other occupants in the house at risk.

Understanding that there is a lot of work to be done when it comes to dealing with water damage situations is the first step in ensuring that all the necessary steps that are needed when it comes to water damage restoration are followed to the letter. By calling us at Manhattan Beach, you will save yourself a lot of headaches that usually come with water damage and we will also go a step further by helping you deal with your insurance company which may only be one of the many problems that you have to deal with.

The next thing that our team will do is to open all the windows so as to make sure that fresh air is flowing freely throughout the house. We are going to make sure that all the windows are open and if possible we are going to make use of as many fans as possible or other appliances so as to make sure that air is flowing properly. This is not only going to dry out the house or area but it is also going to reduce the odors that may be in the house due to the dampness.

The next thing that is going to be done is to make use of a dehumidifier which will help in taking out all the moisture that may be in the house or area. Using this together with the fans is going to help with the water damage cleanup efforts since it is a way of getting rid of the water as soon as possible. Our team is going to make sure that the dehumidifier is going to be left running for as long as it is deemed possible so as to make sure that everything that had been affected by the water damage is completely dry. This is very important since it is going to prevent any growth of mildew or mold.

Once the above processes have been completed, the next thing will be to be to take photos of the areas that have been damaged so that it can act as evidence to your insurance company when you are making your claim. This is also another way our company is going to be able to help you out when it comes to dealing with the long insurance claims process.

The next thing that is going to be done is to go through all your belongings even your personal ones to make sure that everything that was affected by the water damage is dried up. We will need to sort through your books, your papers, your keepsakes as well as your photos so that we can be able to find out if there are any signs of damage. If what we find is not in any way valuable or if they are ruined beyond repair, we are going to ask for your consent before we can throw them away. You can choose to make photocopies of the items that may be beyond repair and throw the rest away. If you have any valuables that have been damaged, our team will be able to advise you on the best way or method in which you can be able to save the savable ones.

Before everything can be completed, our technicians will make sure that the water extraction has been done in the most effective way possible so as to make sure that all the water has been sucked out. This process is going to be very helpful for your upholstered furniture, the areas on the premises that have been carpeted and also the wood and tiled floors. This process is going to be done until our highly professional technicians are able to make sure that everything is dry. However, you need to understand that this entire process usually takes a lot of effort and time which is why you may need to be very patient.

An important point for you to note is that the wood surfaces that may have been affected by the water damage should be given more priority compared to the areas that have been carpeted. The team at Manhattan Beach understands this since we know just how porous wood surfaces are which is why they tend to soak up water very quickly. When this happens, this may cause the wood to delaminate and warp. Removing the water as soon as possible is important especially if you are trying to ensure that the water damage on the woods does not end up worsening.

Broken pipes that end up causing the water damage usually ends up affecting the drywall board that is in the ceilings and the walls. In case this happens, then your drywall will have to be inspected by our team before any repairing can begin. This is important because it is going to give our technicians an idea of where the problem actually is and the necessary steps that need to be taken to ensure that the problem is solved in the fastest and most effective way possible without it been too expensive for you to handle.

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