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Like any other city in the world, Compton is susceptible to attacks of water damage. Most people in Compton confuse from flood damage and water damage. Flood damage are the damages caused when a flood occurs, while water damage is the damage caused in your house by water intake. We offer great quality services in restoring your home from water damage thus making us a good option for you to consult, so as to correct your situation in case you are affected. Almost every household in Compton has been affected by water damage in their home. Water damage can be disastrous as it can affect your health and also cause great losses to you by destroying your house and properties

Signs We Look for When Diagnosing Water Damage in Your House

Water damage can be a problem for many people do diagnose as people may not know what is happening, some people think that their walls are wearing out that’s why they are sagging. There are signs that we use in order to diagnose your house of water damage. Some of the parameters our personnel use includes:

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Water Stains

Our technicians are greatly qualified and train to diagnose a house of water damage, they pay great attention in checking for water stains in his or her houses walls, floors, carpets and so on. When water comes into contacts with some of your houses structures like doors windows walls and so on they leave with them stains. A stain in any one of them is a good sign of water damage. This will mean that your door came into contact with water, you should be curious to know where the water came from. In case these structures come into contact with water for a long time it can cause great damage to them thus causing great losses in replacing them. After diagnosing your house with water damage, our personnel will try following the water stains to find the source of the water damage and subsequently solve the problem.


The houses drainage system may experience leaks, our technicians are trained to find out where these leaks are using different equipment and techniques. these leaks are caused by many factors like breaking of drainage pipes, loosening of the drainage pipes joints, or even wearing out of the pipes. They therefore use all these techniques like infrared cameras to look for leaks that are behind the walls.in addition, when trying to find out if your house is experiencing leaks our technicians will flush the toilet and listen for abnormal sounds or look for water presence on the floor. This can be a great deal especially when the leaks are interior. Once they have noted where the leak is coming from they do all they can to repair it by either replacing the pipes or tightening the loose joints causing leaks.

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Warped or Deformed Floors

Once you have invited our personnel on a sign that your house is suffering from water damage we will make sure that not that we treat only the problem you have contacted us for, our personnel investigate whether there are other sources of the water damage. You will see them look keenly and examine your floors. This happens especially in wooden floors. Wooden floors can be affected by water, when floors made by wood extracts absorb water they become less rigid this therefore leads to them changing their original shape at slight application of force, this causes them to deform in shape thus by either curving or going down. A slight change in the wooden floors is a good sign that your house is affected by water damage. They will feel its wetness.

Reading the Water Meter

In case our personnel have checked the whole house and can’t find the source of the leak because sometimes water leaks may be hidden they will use the water meter gauge technique, where you close the main drainage point of your house completely and check the reading, they will wait for an hour or two and read again the meter readings and if they have changed they will be able to know the cause is the leaks which they will use other techniques like use of advanced testing equipment.

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Check Gutter Leaks

Inside your house may not be the problem for your house water damage, once they have ascertained that our personnel will check whether the gutters are leaking especially during the rainy days or during winter. The gutters are notorious for this and may be a problem that you may not be aware, after determining the gutters are responsible for the water damage our personnel will change the gutters or repair the leaks.

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The Problems We Solve

Water damage has detrimental damages to people in Compton and all over the world if not early detected and corrected. The effects range from long term to short term. These effect we try to solve or avoid include the following:

Mold Growth

Water is a great resource for the thrivement of mold growth. In case the water damage in your house has formed the mold we try to remove the molds from your house so that they may not affect you in your living. Mold likes to grow in places with high humidity. Although the mold is a good thing in decomposition it is not something that you want grow in your house. Mold is a plant that grows within 24 hours of the formation of stagnant water or great humidity. It can grow in your clothes, electronic devices, or even toys causing damage to your belongings. In case the mold has grown in your properties our personnel try to remove them s that they may remain in a good condition. In addition, molds can cause health complications like breathing problems if inhaled bringing allergic reactions to people who are sensitive to it. This leads to loss of resources to replace the damaged property plus costs covering health problems. Which makes us pay great attention to removing the mold in your house.

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Black Water Contamination

Water is a great source of living in every household. We strive to ensure that your water is not contaminated thus helping you protect your health caused by the leaks. There are three types of water that causes water damage in homes today, there is clean water, which is not that harmful caused from sanitary sources of water like the clean water drainage, there is grey water gotten from home appliances, which is harmful if taken by a human being. It can cause illnesses to the body, and there is the black water, which is very harmful gotten from unclean sources like sewer lines leakage. Once ingested it can cause severe drainage. Leakage in the house of this water can make it contaminate the drinking water in the house causing great and severe diseases. Our personnel thus try to rectify the issue effectively. When correcting the water damage caused by black water one can suffer tetanus thus vaccination is required and also home properties affected by black water are very hard to restore to their previous state the only option therefore would be to thoroughly be replaced with new ones which will lead to a total loss.


The water damage can be so severe such that the house can experience disastrous damage such that it would be less cheap to move out of the house than repairing it. Our personnel try everything that we can do to bring back your house to original state, therefore we help you save a lot of money in case you were to move out of your house and build a new one. This is especially in extreme cases, which are rare in Compton. These results could be shift in the house studs, cracking of the walls, tilted walls or even collapse of the house. That is why it is greatly advisable to solve the problem early enough as the longer the water damage remains the more damage it causes to your house. Our personnel address these damages of your house by repainting it to achieve near or more improved state than the original state. In addition, if you opt to go ahead to repair the house with so much damage you will be required to full refurnish the house fully and install all the new systems like electricity wiring, gas system, drainage system and so on which is not economical.

It is clear from the above article that water damage restoration personnel is greatly important in Compton so as to solve all the problems people would have when suffering water damage. We therefore offer ourselves to the public in trying to help them solve these great and disastrous effects of the water damage. Water damage restoration can be tedious and hectic especially when you do not have the required experience in the area. You should therefore find the best water damage restoration partner to help you during the difficult period of water damage restoration and we are your better option.

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