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Understanding what water damage and restoration is with Beverly Hills Water Damage Restoration Services

Water damage restoration can best be described as the process that is usually involved when it comes to restoring your property after it has been affected by a water damage scenario. It is also the process that ensures that your property is able to be brought in a kind of pre-loss condition even after the serious water damage it may have incurred. For Go Green restoration to be able to provide services that are of the highest quality, all our technicians have to undergo the right amount of training, have practical and research experience, make use of the laid out restoration principles, do extensive consultation and also make use of all the information that may have been gathered from different sources in ensuring that the quality of service that we are able to provide our clients is satisfactory.

Our team also understands that when they are faced with a water damage problem, each of these situations is unique which is why each of them has to be given the importance that they need. Also, the precautions that have to be observed and the procedures that need to be followed are unique when it comes to water damage and restoration of buildings, businesses, homes or any other affected structures. Also, the contents of each of these water damage scenarios describe the specific steps and guidelines that need to be followed so as to ensure that the entire process is a successful one.

Evaluation and water assessment of the water damage

When Beverly Hills water damage and restoration services arrive at the area that has been affected, the first thing that they are going to do is to document all the materials that have been affected by the water damage and then go ahead to refer to the industry standards pricing guides. This is going to help them determine the right value in regards to the materials that have been lost in the residence that has been affected by the water damage. Also, this is going to give our team of experts a clue on the right services that need to be used to ensure that the delivery of service is an effective one.

Some of the water damage services that Beverly Hills is able to offer our clients include the proper inspection of the area or home that has been affected by the water damage which is going to be done by making use of state of the art sensing equipment like infrared tools and probes. The extent of the water damage is also going to be looked at. Once this has been completed, the necessary restoration services are going to be used so as to ensure that the water is going to be extracted, dried out and the sanitization of the areas that have been affected by the water damage. Also, all the affected areas and materials are going to be deodorized. After all the labor has been completed, the use of water damage and restoration equipment are going to be used. Some of the equipment that is going to be used include air scrubbers, air movers, and dehumidifiers, sub flooring equipment as well as wood flooring equipment. All these mentioned equipment are going to be left in the home or area for a period of between two and three days. Once this period is completed and the labor has also been completed, the Beverly Hills service team is going to carry out a reevaluation of the entire area so as to ensure that the residence can be carefully monitored throughout the entire drying process. Also, this is the step whereby any equipment that will not be required to be used is removed and taken to another location.

Different categorization of water damage

Under the stated reference and standard guides for professional water and damage restoration, water has to be broken down into three different categories based on the level in which the water has been contaminated or the presumed presence of contamination in the water. The various categories include:

Water Damage removal beverly hills

Damage: Category 1

This is the water that has been found to come from either a sanitary or a clean source. Even though it may be referred to as clean water, this description has been removed due to the confusion that it tends to bring. This category of water includes water that is from a toilet tank, a broken water supply unit that supplies clean water, a bottled water, a bowl or a faucet. Even though the source of the clean water may be from a clean source, this can change to either category 2 or category 3 depending on factors like when the clean water gets into contact with different contaminants and also the time in which the issue is dealt with.

Damage: Category 2

This is the type of water which has a certain level of contamination. When this type of water is consumed, then it could bring about a number of illnesses or discomfort to the person who is drinking it or the people who get into contact with it. The sources of this category of water include toilet overflow which has some urine in it but no signs of stool and washing machine overflow. This water can quickly move to category 3 also depending on the contaminants that get into contact with it.

Water Damage removal beverly hills
Water Damage removal beverly hills

Damage: Category 3

This is the type of water that is considered to be completely unsanitary and could lead to very serious health issues when it is ingested. In some cases, it may even lead to death especially because of how much contamination this category of water contains. Some of the sources of this type of water include water from a toilet with feces, water that comes from beyond the toilet trap and any water that is standing that has already started to support the growth of microbial organisms.

The principles of drying that are used by Beverly Hills water damage and restoration services

The consideration of the contents and the structure

When working in a given area or residence, our team at Beverly Hills are going to make sure that they are not only going to work with the contents of the home but they are also going to work around it. This is going to include contents like electronics, furniture, books and any other material or item that may have been affected by the water damage. This entire process of moving all the contents is known as contents manipulation.

The contents manipulation process is also going to require the treatment of various areas that are also affecting the water damage and causing it to worsen. This treatment includes deodorization, sanitization, drying out of the contents and then finally storing of the contents. However, you should keep in mind that there are those items that are simply beyond been saved. When this is the case, such contents are going to be discarded. However before this is done, our team will first have to talk to you about it.

Water Damage removal beverly hills
Water Damage removal beverly hills

The monitoring period

During the monitoring period or process, it is very important for our team to be proactive. This is because there are many questions that need to be asked during this process. Some of these questions include:

  • Are the machines in a good state to be used and are they able to be marinated properly?
  • Are the necessary drying equipment set up in the right way?
  • Is the team working on the ground qualified enough to move or rather relocate the equipment and make use of other techniques?

For this process to be a successful one, the above questions need to be answered. However, when it comes to Beverly Hills water damage and restoration services, this should not be a problem especially considering that our team of experts have all the necessary skills and qualifications that are needed for them to be able to perform their duties in the most effective way possible.

Once all the necessary equipment for drying have been left in the area for around two or three days, our team is going to return to the area and go ahead to monitor things like the humidity, the temperature, the content of the moisture on the walls that may have been affected by the water damage, materials and other contents in the home, business or property. If it is found that the affected areas are not complexly dry, then our professional experts will relocate the drying equipment or relocate the equipment the best way they know how so as to ensure that all the affected areas are able to dry out properly. This is very important since it is a way in which the growth of mildew and mold can be avoided.

Once the monitoring process is complete, a final inspection is going to be carried out so as to ensure that the water damage restoration process has been completed in a successful way.

Mold Remediation in Beverly Hills

Mold can grow in the house either due to a small leak, increase in humidity, and also due to flooded water being left in the house for long. When there is mold in the house you are prone to many health problems that come with breathing the contaminants and irritants released by the mold. With mold remediation and removal there is a lot that goes into ensuring that there is no recurrence of the mold. We use the latest and most technologically advanced methods, processes and equipment. We are able to easily recognize and presence of mold and tell the damage in terms of irritants that the mold releases to your air. We also ensure that there is no spread of the mold in the house during the removal process. During the process we also use products that minimize the chances of the mold recurring and growing on the surfaces again. The products we use are nontoxic therefore pose no danger to you. Our personnel are highly trained on mold removal and remediation to ensure that you get a good service and you will not be prone to health problems later in the future.

Fire damage restoration Beverly Hills

Fire damage requires proper restoration services which you can only get at our company in Beverly Hills. We have a team of professional restorers who will ensure that your house regardless of the damage will regain its previous glory. We act fast to remove the water that could be flooded in the house. This is the water that was used in putting out the fire. We clean the house and the furniture to ensure that all the soot and the smoke is gotten rid of. After cleaning then the restoration of the house and the other structures is done earnestly. Our team works around the clock to ensure that the process is fast and efficient so that you can get back to your normalcy in no time.

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Smoke and Odor

We have the best cleaning methods to remove smoke from the house. Smoke poses major health dangers when left lingering in the house as it releases toxic gases into the surrounding. We use the best methods and techniques to wash the smoke out of the house and all the belongings that you have. We also ensure that there is no smoke hidden in small spaces in the house like cracks and crooks. Whenever there is odor in the house it may become inhabitable for many and therefore we ensure that any odor in the house is neutralized. To do this we use the best deodorants and fragrances that help get rid of the odor making the house habitable. The products we use are not toxic and therefore you can continue enjoying your premises as the odor is neutralized.

No emergency is too big for us

We have resources that enable us to cater for any magnitude of an emergency. We ensure that the process goes on smoothly and swiftly and will not stop because of lack of funds or materials. We are well resourced to ensure that any project is done quickly and you can enjoy your property again in no time. Some companies in Beverly Hills will fret when they get an emergency of big magnitude, regardless what emergency you have, we have the capacity to handle it without hitches.

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