Water Damage Clean up Alhambra CA

The process of restoring water damage involves great work, and shouldn’t be left to amateurs. We are the experts in  water damage restoration in Alhambra. Water can cause great harm in your house despite the amount that have been spilled. When water is left standing in a particular place for long it penetrates the surface and setups the ideal condition to create mold.

Water and Flood Damage Clean Up Process

Water Damager clean up Alhambra

Emergency Contact

We offer emergency services any time of the day. In case you have noticed stagnant water in your Alhambra home or noticed, assign of a leak, which you cannot find it out immediately. It is always advisable to contact the service provider who offer the service of assisting household with water or fire damage problems. We are that service provider you have been looking for. You only need to call our customer service who will listen to your woes, any time of the day. The customer service line operator will receive the call and attend to your call. You are supposed to explain to him or her the problem you are experiencing. you will be provided with the opportunity to ask questions regarding our pricing or payment plan and so on.

This is very essential in these processes as it reduces the conflict suffered by people when reaching payment deals. You do not want to have a miscommunication regarding the payment plan. This first communication is of great essence as it builds the momentum of your relationship with us. We respond to your call fast enough, as we respect our clients and respect them and we completely understand the more the time we wait the more the damage will be done.

Inspection and Assessment

Once our technicians have arrived in your home the first thing they will assess is the damage the water has caused in your home with great detail, which is determined by the type of water that your house has been damaged by.

If  the damage is caused by clean water the clean up process is easier and can take less time that if its caused by contaminated water. This may be caused by overflowing sinks or bathtubs.

The second category of damage is the one caused by gray water, in this it is more harmful than the clean water. In this type of water, never touch it without wearing protective gloves. In addition, we will look for other safety precautions like if your house structures contain asbestos, which is a harmful product and requires protective gear when dealing with it.

Water Damage clean up Alhambra
Water Damage clean up Alhambra

Water removal

We then remove all the water in your house or the surface. Water damage is caused by stagnant water in the house. In order to solve the problem therefore we will be required to remove all the water from the surfaces so that we can avoid further effects of the damage. We do this water extraction through the use of suction pumps or equipment that are hoisted on the trucks and which absorbs the water from the surfaces.

Even when the surface of your Alhambra home is filled with large amounts of water, the advanced pumps or vacuum units have the capability of removing the water fully from your house with less time. This makes sure that the further damage of your properties is curtailed thus suffering less losses. The amount of water your home is experiencing will gauge whether you can continue living the house or you need to move out in order for us to carry out our work easily and faster.

We will also measure the moisture levels in your house walls and floors using the different moisture detectors, hygrometers and other equipment used to measure the amount of saturation of the moisture. we may also use the infrared cameras to find the hidden water behind a wall which ensures that there is no trace of water is left in your house unattended.

Drying the wet area

After removing the water on the surfaces of your house we will dry the area so that we can remove all the water in the surfaces if left. Your floors may look to be in perfect shape but they are not when you touch them, leaving them that way can cause harmful microorganisms to breed there thus resulting to spread of diseases. In addition, the moisture in these floors can make the floor to swell or be damaged which leads to massive loses.

It is important therefore, that we dry the said surface so as to avoid any moisture that would encourage mold growth. Mold is a very bad plant, which you will not want, grow in any of your home areas. it affects the health of people who are allergic to the plant and destroys your properties if it grows on them, which causes great losses. This drying and dehumidification is made possible by the use of specialized suction equipment, which makes sure the floor, and other surfaces are completely dry.

This drying in addition helps avoid generation of a damp environment because of the water in those services. Our technicians use dehumidifiers and air movers to dry the surfaces. The moisture levels are therefore measured using the moisture meters up to the required moisture measurement. The walls are also monitored as they may also contain moisture, which can lead to their weakening and subsequent collapse.

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Repairing and Cleaning

Once the water has been removed your house will need to be cleaned. Our personnel will do all the cleaning, you need to stay in a clean space, which is comfortable for your living. In the cause of the work chances are that there will be a lot of dirt accumulated like in case of dirt and mud if any taken in by the technicians.

our technicians will tidy up your Alhambra home so that it can retain its original state of cleanliness. All the structures in the house will be disinfected and repaired by our personnel. In case the water had caused great damage, the technicians will repair the structure which is affected or replace fully that structure. For example, if a part of the ceiling is affected the technician will opt to cut the affected part and replace it with a new part.

We use the air scrubbers and also when necessary the fagging equipment to avoid leaving home full of disease causing pathogens to achieve this. In addition, the fagging equipment help remove serious odors, which are persistent which the normal fresheners cannot, remove easily. In some cases, we even use air refreshers to clean the air fully as wet items most often have unpleasant odors, which can be very disturbing. In sanitizing your home, the technicians use antibacterial disinfectants, which kill all pathogens that can cause diseases. In conclusion, we dispose of all the replaced materials and refuse properly for you.


The restoration involves restoration of your Alhambra home to its original state. our technicians will leave nothing in disorder, this will include replacing the damaged structures with new ones, or building the entire building afresh of the damage was massive. It forms the final phase in water damage restoration, it may include some of these activities like minor repairs, which involves replacing the old carpet with a new one or replacement of old dry walls with the new ones.

We may also opt to install new features in your house so as to avoid future problems with the same like installation of roof tarp, board up, fencing which is temporary and so on. Painting is also a necessary step in restoring your house to its original state, the new structures replaced in place of the old ones may not have the same paint as the rest of the house thus painting will be important in order for your house to feel completely again not with patches. It is advisable to hire one company to do all these jobs as it saves time and money by providing perfect continuity of the work and we offer all this services.

The above processes are very essential in restoring a home and helps us in satisfying the needs of our clients fully. The damage of water in your house can be very detrimental Therefore, you should hire a company which clearly understands the processes involved in the restoration process.

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